How do I hide my followers on tiktok [Full Guide]

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps out there. And TikTok has millions of daily users globally and it can be a great way to share your content with people around the world. You can use this app on both your Android and iOS devices. However, if you don’t want people to see who you’re following, you may be wondering how to hide your followers on TikTok. The good news is, it’s quite simple! You can do this in just a few taps.

In this article, we’ve shared the working methods so you can follow the method and hide your followers on Tiktok. Just keep reading this article till the end to know everything about this.

Why should you hide your Tiktok followers?

Hiding your TikTok followers can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it can help protect your privacy, as it prevents others from seeing who is following you.

Additionally, it can help prevent any unwanted attention from people who you may not want to have access to your account. Lastly, hiding your followers can be a useful tool for influencers who may want to keep their following numbers private from competitors. Keeping your followers hidden can help to protect your privacy and your account from unwanted attention.

How to hide my followers on tiktok?

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and TikTok is no exception. With its engaging content and easy-to-use interface, it has gained millions of users around the world.

But sometimes, we may want to keep our followers list private and away from public view. So, if you are wondering how to hide your followers on TikTok, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

How to hide my followers on tiktok?

Method 1: By hiding the following list from other users

If you don’t like to show everyone your following list then you should set your Following List to the “Only Me” option. And then whenever someone tries to view your following list, a notification pops up to alert them that “due to the user’s privacy settings, checking your following list is impossible”.

  • Firstly, you’ve to open the Tiktok app on your device and then click on the Photo icon and then go to the Main Setting menu.
  • Now, you’ve to tap on “Privacy” and Scroll Down until you will see the “Interactions” option on your screen.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Following List” which you’ll see under “Interactions” and then change the option to “Only Me”.
  • Proceed with your decision on this menu.

You can switch back to your usual privacy setting whenever you want and this feature ensures that your following list is entirely hidden from others.

Method 2: Switch to a Private Account

With the private account feature on TikTok, users can restrict their profile and details, including who follows them and whom the user follows, so that only those who follow them can see it.

Follow the given steps to switch your Tiktok account to a Private account. Let’s start.

  • First of all, you’ve to open TikTok app on your device and then log into your account.
  • Now tap on the profile icon to open the Profile section. You can see the Profile icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • The next step is to tap on the three parallel lines. You can see those lines at the top-right corner. Now select Settings and Privacy option.
  • In the next screen, you’ve to choose the “Privacy” option.
  • After that, you just have to enable the “Private Account” toggle button.

When you activate the private account feature, your TikTok will be visible to only those you have chosen to follow you. Each time you accept a friend request, you’re essentially giving them access to your list of followers.

How to confirm that your followers list is hidden

You can easily hide your Tiktok followers list by following our given methods above. It is ideal to make sure that your followers are as hidden as you want them to be. Do the same as I have shared below to confirm whether your Tiktok followers are hidden or not.

  • Firstly, you’ve to open the Tiktok app and switch to any of your other accounts.
  • Now, tap on the search icon which you can see at the top of your screen.
  • Here you’ve to type your Tiktok username and search for your account.
  • From the search results, you’ve to tap on your Profile and then tap on the “Following” button which you’ll see below your username.
  • When you have been able to hide your list of followers, you will receive a “Following list is hidden due to this account’s privacy settings” notification.

How much can one make from 1000 Instagram followers?

The amount of money that 1000 Instagram followers can make depends on the type of content being posted, the amount of engagement, and the type of sponsorships or partnerships secured. It is very difficult to estimate the exact amount of money that could be made from 1000 followers.

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Is it possible for Verified Accounts to hide their following?

Verified Tiktok users have the ability to keep their account private from other users so yes, they can hide their following, location, interests, and some contact information.

Can you see followers on private TikTok?

No, you cannot see followers on private TikTok accounts. Private TikTok accounts are only visible to the account holder and those they have approved to follow the account. Therefore, the follower’s list of a private account is not visible to anyone other than the account holder.

Final words: Hope this article on How do I hide my followers on tiktok will help you to understand how it works and how you can do it. This is the only way to hide your followers list on Tiktok. Share this article link with your friends who also want to know this. Keep visiting our website for more such posts.

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