How to bold in discord [Full Guide 2022]

Hello readers, do you want to know how to bold in Discord? If yes then you must read this article till the end. Today we have shared almost everything about it here. You will easily understand the process of writing text in the bold format in Discord.

Bold Format in Discord

how to bold in discord

The bold text format is a useful thing which you can use to make your words stand out on Discord. Today we have explained here how to bold in Discord in different areas like server names, chat messages, username, status messages and channel names.

You can use Markdown Syntax on Discord to make your chat text in bold format. This is actually the easiest way to make your text bold in Discord. By the way, you should know that this is not the only option. You can also generate text in some different styles of Unicode Bold Text and you will bold your text in a little different way. Here, you will learn how to use both markdown and YayText’s bold text generator to create bold text.

Note: Most people don’t face any trouble with the bold text generated with Unicode but you should know that the style cannot present properly on the old Android versions. There are some such users who can not see Unicode bold letters on their device, so they’ll see their device’s default replacement character like an empty square, a square with an X in it, or a question mark.

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bold Text in Discord using Markdown

You can easily get the attention of Discord users in servers by bolding a Specific Text in the chat. And you should know that Discord uses simple formatting so that users don’t get confused about it. Apart from this, it does not require any complex commands. You have to follow some steps to bold your text in Discord.

  • Firstly, you’ll open the Discord app on your device (Android/ iOS/ PC). Now click on the group or friend where you want to send your text in Bold format.
  • Type double asterisks(**) in the Discord chat box and then type the word which you want in bold. When you finish typing the word to be bolded in the Discord chat, type two asterisks(**) again at the end.
How to bold in Discord using Markdown
  • After this, you’ve to press Enter.
  • Now you can clearly see your text message in Bold format.
How to bold in Discord using Markdown

Your message will grab attention and make a stronger point than plain text.

How to bold in Discord using Unicode

If you want to make your text bold in another way then try this one. It’ll take maximum a minute for this. Also, it’s an easy way so don’t worry.

  • First, type the text as you normally would. Don’t click the post button.
How to bold in discord
  • Open YayText’s bold text generator on your browser and then type the text which you want in style into the empty box.
  • After this, you’ve to click on the “Copy” button next to the bold style you want in your message.
  • Now your text is copied in the styled format.
YayText's bold text generator
  • You’ve to paste the copied text in your Discord chat message.
Paste unicode text
  • You can now see your specific text in the style format that you copied from YayText’s bold text generator. You can now see your specific text in the style format that you copied from YayText’s bold text generator.
Unicode Discord

Note: You can choose any style from that website and use multiple styles on Discord message. For example, the serif, sans-serif, and bold italic styles can be mixed together.

How To Italicizing Words In Discord 

In addition to the bold format, if you want to use italics for your text in Discord, just follow these steps. Below, we have shared the steps that will help you to make your text in italics format. Follow the steps and you will see how easy it is.

  • First step is to open the Discord app on your device (Android/ iOS/ PC).
  • Now open the server or friend’s chat where you want to write your message in the italicized words.
  • Here before typing the message which you want in italics format, type one asterisk(*). And then type the message and end with one asterisk(*). Your message should look like this *message*.
  • After these steps, click on the Enter button.

How To Underlining Words In Discord 

Another way to format a chat message in Discord is to underline text. Simply follow these steps to apply this format to your message.

  • Open the Discord app on your device. 
  • Type two underscores(__) at the start and end of your text. Your message should look like this __text__.
  • Now press Enter and you can see your message like this.
underline text in Discord

Final words: 

We hope now you understood How to bold in Discord in just a few steps. Also, we have shared methods of writing texts in italics and underline format. You should share this article link with your friends so they can also use this on Discord app while chatting with anyone. And visit our website again for more posts like this.

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