How To Breed Horses In Minecraft 2022

Horses are viewed as a luxury by some and a necessity by others in Minecraft Survival Mode. They’re useful for groups of players who need to navigate the map more quickly. They make excellent single companions. Horses have a crucial role in the Minecraft world. Horses, like the majority of the other animals in the game, maybe bred. Players may just want additional horses for their buddies, or they may enjoy having a well-stocked stable. Breeding may be a rewarding procedure for players for a variety of reasons. In this guide, you will learn How to breed horses in Minecraft.

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Supplies To Breed Horses In Minecraft

  • 2 Carrots / 2 Apples
  • Horses, 2 Adults

The list of materials needed to breed horses isn’t long. Two horses, two golden apples, two golden carrots, or one of each are all you need. You should save golden apples for yourself and use golden carrots instead because golden apples provide buffs. Golden carrots, on the other hand, require only gold nuggets rather than the much more expensive golden ingots. The only way to get them is to find a village or to wait patiently for zombies to drop carrots.

Crafting Golden Apple

You’ll need carrots and/or apples, as well as gold, to make them. Villagers, on the other hand, are free to purchase whatever they choose. Oak trees also produce apples.

Follow these steps to create a Golden Apple:

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft
  1. Break a couple of oak or dark oak leaves till you have two apples.
  2. Get some gold via mining.
  3. To make gold ingots, smelt the gold nuggets.
  4. Make your way to the table where you’ll be working.
  5. In the center slot, place the apple.
  6. Gold ingots should be used to encircle the apple.
  7. Get your hands on a Golden Apple.
  8. You’ll need at least two Golden Apples, so repeat the process.

Crafting Golden Carrots

You’ll take several steps to prepare Golden Carrots:

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft
  1. Carrots can be found in a Village or just in your backyard.
  2. Do gold mining.
  3. Make gold ingots from the gold nuggets.
  4. Re-enter the Crafting Table.
  5. In the center slot, put the carrot. Place Gold Ingots all around the carrot.
  6. Go to the supermarket and look for a Golden Carrot there.
  7. Continue until you have at least two Golden Carrots.

Mining Gold

Gold, whether in the form of Gold Nuggets or Gold Ingots, can be mined or found in chests. Smelting Gold Ore and Nether Gold Ore results in Gold Ingots. Nether Gold Ore may be mined for Gold Nuggets, which can be combined to make a Gold Ingot with nine of them. Smelting Gold Ore and Nether Gold Ore results in Gold Ingots. Nether Gold Ore may be mined for Gold Nuggets, which can be combined to make a Gold Ingot with nine of them.

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How to breed horses in Minecraft

Step 1: Find Horses

Horses spawn naturally in the following biomes throughout the Overworld:

  • Villages
  • Plains of Sunflowers
  • Plains of the Savanna Plateau
  • a windswept savanna
  • savanna

Even tamed horses can become stray, so be sure you have a safe place to keep them.

Step 2: Tame horses

It is necessary to tame a horse before breeding or riding it. Mount the horse to begin the taming process. Saddles aren’t necessary for this. The length of taming varies depending on the horse’s temperament rating. Until the horse is tamed, it will toss the player off. Mount the horse several times to tame it. It is easy to mount and breed the horse from here.

To tame wild horses, follow these steps:

  • To tame a horse, approach it.
  • Right-click or left-trigger the horse’s usage button.
  • Don’t be alarmed if the horse rears up and buck you off.
  • Rep till the screen fills with hearts.
  • You can either saddle or breed the horse now.

Step 3: Gather your supplies and put them together

You must feed a golden carrot or a golden apple to two horses (or donkeys) to activate love mode (called breeding).

Step 4: Activate Love Mode

Simply feed a couple of horses the golden carrots or apples once you have the above ingredients. They’ll fall in love and have a foal. The foal usually inherits the color or markings of one of its parents, although there is a 29% probability of a random color/markings difference. Mules are born when a horse and a donkey cross. Mules are unable to reproduce, but you will receive an accomplishment for doing so.

Can a horse be bred with a donkey?

It is also possible to breed mules by breeding horses with donkeys. Mules are similar to horses in that they can ride on your land, but they also have the bonus of being able to carry a chest. To make a mule, keep a horse and a donkey near together and feed them both a golden carrot. Mules are incapable of reproduction. A mule created by crossing a horse and a donkey are incapable of breeding with other mules, horses, or donkeys. By right-clicking it with a chest selected in your Hotbar, you can make the mule carry a chest.

What to do with horses in Minecraft?

You can ride a horse all across the overworld if you want to. The horse’s speed can range from barely quicker than a sprint to more than three times faster, depending on the horse’s attributes. These numbers are unpredictably high, but repeated breeding can result in horses who jump higher and quicker.


As long as you can find carrots and have a sufficient supply of gold, breeding horses is relatively simple. Horse breeding is not recommended because the offspring will always have the statistics of the two parents. To ensure that each horse’s offspring is as swift and can jump as high as you want them to, try to breed horses with near-perfect stats. A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey. When it comes to horse breeding, there’s a lot to consider.

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