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Do you want to cancel your PlayStation Plus membership? If so, read this post by the end. You will see a detailed guide here on How to cancel the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Almost no PlayStation player hasn’t used Sony’s PS Plus service at some point in their gaming experience. While the programme is well worth the money, especially with the free PS5 games, paying monthly isn’t for everyone. PS Plus may require cancellation at some point. It’s possible you don’t play this kind of online multiplayer game as frequently as you used to, or maybe you’ve completed all of the greatest games from 2020 that came with your subscription, or perhaps you simply want to save money. Whatever the cause, it may appear that cancelling your subscription is too difficult. After all, signing up is usually easier than unsubscribing. Now let’s know more about this below.

What Is PlayStation Plus Work & How Does PlayStation Plus Work?

How To Cancel PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s PlayStation 4 online gaming subscription service. On the PlayStation 4, it’s essential to play online multiplayer games. You’ll need PS Plus to play a competitive multiplayer game with individuals you’ve never met or a cooperative game with a friend who lives just down the street. This service now includes several new features from Sony. Only PlayStation Plus users can upload their game saves, which are then stored online and accessible from any console. Every month, PlayStation Plus members receive a selection of free games as well as exclusive digital game discounts.

Several Advantages of PlayStation

Millions of PlayStation users can’t picture life without it on their consoles. There are a lot of good reasons to subscribe to PS Plus these days, and the $60 investment is worth it.

Here’s what this PlayStation membership entails :


Nothing is more frustrating than losing your whole RPG progress due to a power outage. Your cloud save data will be maintained up to date and accessible across all PS Plus-enabled PlayStation consoles. Each member has access to a total of 100 GB of storage space.

Monthly Games that are completely free

Every month, Sony publishes a list of free PlayStation Plus content. Two free PS4 games, several add-ons for popular multiplayer games, and one or two free PS5 games are typically included. The free games usually have a value of $50 or higher.

Bonus Features and Exclusive Discounts

Don’t cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription just yet if you buy a lot of digital games. Sony frequently gives members-only discounts on games, as well as price reductions on already reduced games and free shipping on Sony’s gaming accessories. As a result, you’ll be spending money to save money in a sense.

How To Cancel PlayStation Plus subscription

The Sony Entertainment Network account management webpage is the simplest way to deactivate PlayStation Plus. You don’t even need access to your PlayStation to complete this process because it can be done on any computer or mobile device with a web browser and internet access.

To cancel PlayStation Plus, go to the Sony Entertainment Network website and follow these instructions:

Step 1. Subscriptions can be found on the Sony Entertainment account management homepage.

How To Cancel PlayStation Plus

Step 2. Turning auto-renewal off is the next step.

Step 3. The auto-renewal feature in PS can be disabled with a button.

Step 4. After that, select Confirm.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus on PS4

If you want to manage your PlayStation Network account entirely through the console, you may cancel your subscription in just a few simple steps right from your PS4 :

Step 1. Start your console and navigate to the Home menu’s Settings option. Using the drop-down option, select Account Management.

Step 2. The option to choose is Account Information.

Step 3. Pick PlayStation Subscriptions from the list, then click X to select your PS Plus.

Step 4. Turn off auto-renew and then confirm your decision.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

Step 5. The subscription expiry date will be displayed on the account page of your console, just as it is on the website.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus on PS5

Step 1. Using Settings, navigate to Users and Accounts.

Step 2. Choose “Payment and Subscriptions” from the Account menu.

Step 3. Select “PlayStation Plus” from the “Subscriptions” menu.

Step 4. “Turn Off Auto-Renew” should appear on the screen.

Remember that disabling auto-renew just disables the services from automatically processing payments. You’ll be re-subscribed for the next month if you turn it back on and have payment information saved on your device.

How To Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription via Sony Website

You can cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription through any web browser on Sony’s website. To effectively cancel your subscription, follow the steps below:

Step 1. On the Sony PlayStation website, log in to your PlayStation Network account.

Step 2. From the ‘Media’ menu, choose ‘Games.’

Step 3. A drop-down menu will be displayed. The list is a chronological listing of your most recent purchases, starting with the most recent.  You may need to search and scroll if you buy a lot of games. Locate and select ‘PlayStation Plus.’

Step 4. When you choose ‘PlayStation Plus,’ a page with information about your membership will appear. There will be a ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’ tab.

Step 5. ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’ is the option you want to go with. Once you’ve cancelled the auto-renewal option, the tab should change to ‘Restart Automatic Renewal.’

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What Happens After You Cancel PlayStation Plus?

By canceling PlayStation Plus, you disable the automatic renewal feature. The subscription isn’t immediately cancelled, but when it’s time to renew, it will be effectively cancelled.

Disadvantages Of Cancelling PlayStation Plus

  1. Your cloud-saved files are no longer accessible: Your cloud saves will no longer be accessible if you used the cloud save option. Only save data saved on your console is accessible.
  2. You’re no longer able to play the games you used to play for free: If you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can get free games. You won’t be able to play these games until your subscription is over.
  3. Online multiplayer games are no longer available: You can only play offline games, except a few titles such as Final Fantasy XIV.

Is it feasible to get a PS Plus refund?

It is, after all, refunded. You are eligible for a refund on all of your PlayStation Store purchases. Request a refund by contacting Sony customer service within 14 days of your purchase. Keep in mind that the amount reimbursed will vary based on how many days have elapsed and whether or not you’ve used any PS Plus features.

Final Words

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