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If you want to get rid of your PlayStation addiction for good, deleting your account is one of the finest ways to do so. You may have tried other methods to break your PlayStation addiction, such as removing games or profiles, but none of them has proven effective. Here, we have shared a detailed guide on How to delete PlayStation account easily. Keep reading this post and you’ll be able to delete your PlayStation Account easily.

You may have looked online for ways to delete your PlayStation account, but all you found were instructions on how to delete profiles, which is not the same thing. According to our experience, the first and most efficient way to overcome a gaming addiction is to entirely delete an account so that you are unable to return when cravings arise. We’ll walk you through how to cancel your PlayStation account in this article so you can get started on your path to living a life free of addiction.

What is PlayStation?

How To Delete PlayStation Account

You’ve probably heard of PlayStation if you enjoy video games. Sony‘s online gaming store, PlayStation Network, offers a variety of services for PlayStation consoles. If you own a PlayStation console, you can register a free PSN account, which includes a PSN id. When you play online with other players, you can see PSN id.  

Types of PlayStation accounts

One sort of PlayStation account is a local console account, which allows users to have many saved files and IDs without having to manage an online identity.

The PlayStation Network account, on the other hand, is connected to everything PlayStation across the whole PlayStation ecosystem. This implies that this networked account saves all of your purchases, accomplishments, friends, and chats.

How To Delete PlayStation Network Account

The approach is simple, however, the steps can take some time because a large portion of the process is completed by Sony’s assistance. This will wipe out all of your games, achievements, and pretty much anything else you own, including saving files and cloud save files from PlayStation Plus. This includes the PSN Wallet as well as any prospective subscriptions, which are non-refundable.

how to delete playstation account

Step 1. Collect the following information from the PlayStation Network

Make a mental note of your sign-in ID, which should include your email address. Don’t forget to write down your online ID, which is your PlayStation Network and multiplayer video game display name.

Step 2. Get in touch with Sony’s PlayStation network support

You won’t be able to erase your PlayStation Network account secretly. You must first gather your information, as described in step 1, before contacting Sony’s official assistant. Your account will be deactivated at Sony’s standard speed, which is normally not too late if you inform them within working days. Inside, select the ‘Account and Security’ option, and a person will walk you through the rest. You have successfully terminated your PlayStation Network account.

How To Delete PlayStation Local Account

Step 1. Navigate to the Options tab

Go to the Settings section of the console’s user interface, which is as easy to find as it sounds.

Step 2. Open Login Settings by scrolling down to the bottom of the page

Simply scroll down and visit the ‘Login Settings’ section of the settings menu to delete your PlayStation account once more.

Step 3. Open User Management by scrolling down and clicking it

Open the ‘User Management’ section of Login Settings, which is where you must go to delete the account.

Step 4.  Click the Delete User option

 You can choose which local account you want to delete from a list of users after you access the ‘Delete User’ page. Simply mark the box next to the one you want to get rid of and click OK.

How to Remove a PS4 User Account

If you’ve created an excessive number of user accounts on your PS4 console, you can erase them using the procedures below :

Step 1. Navigate to the options menu.

Step 2. You can select your login settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Select user management to see two options for adding or removing users. Choose the option to remove users.

Step 4. By selecting the user you wish to remove from the list and clicking Remove, you can remove him or her from the list.

If I forgot my password, how can I delete my PSN account?

If you’re looking for an answer to this query, you may have forgotten your PSN account password. You can, however, reset your PSN password if you have the email address linked with your PSN account. You can also permanently remove your PSN account after resetting the password. Follow the steps mentioned below :

Step 1. Go to the Sign In the section after turning on your console.

Step 2. Enter your PlayStation account’s Sign I’d/E-mail address now. Then select Forgot Password by pressing Triangle.

Step 3. Retype your e-mail address and hit the Send Email button.  With the link sent on your email, change the password for that email on your device (computer or smartphone).

Step 4. Enter your date of birth next, followed by your new password.

Step 5. Finally, return to your console and attempt to access your account.

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What Happens When Your PlayStation Account Is Deleted?

It may take up to a few days for PlayStation to delete your account after you have submitted all of the information and the chat representative has assisted you with account closure. If you opt to create a new account, you won’t be able to utilise your old account’s User ID. All of the stuff you’ve purchased on the deleted account, as well as any dollars in your wallet, will be lost. You will also lose access to any subscriptions you have set up on your account.

Is it possible to erase a PSN account to reuse an email address?

No, you won’t be able to re-use the email address if you remove your PlayStation Network account. This is due to Sony’s policy of not allowing you to use the same email address for multiple PlayStation Network accounts, as well as not allowing you to change your username after it has been created.

Is it possible to resurrect a PS4 account that was deleted?

Do you want to know if it’s possible to recover your PSN account after you accidentally deleted it? Sorry, but the procedure for cancelling a PSN account is irreversible, therefore it is not feasible.

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