How To Make Fireworks In Minecraft [Full guide]

Hello readers, let’s know about firecrackers in this post today. Here, we have shared a detailed guide on how to make Fireworks in Minecraft. If you play the Minecraft game on your device then you must know about it. Just keep reading this post till the end, you will get to know everything about it. Let’s start.

Fireworks are quite entertaining. What better way to show your personality than with a huge collection of decorative explosions? These improvised celebration explosives, which were introduced in version 1.4.6, put on a light show unlike any other. They’ve got your back whether you’re looking to increase your Elytra or put on a great show. As a result, this will be a tutorial on how to make Fireworks and their derivatives.

How To Make Fireworks In Minecraft

Materials Required To Make Fireworks In Minecraft :

  • Make sure you have a crafting table

To make the components of your fireworks, you’ll need a crafting table. With four wood planks, you can make a crafting table. If you want to use blue or green dye in the explosion of your fireworks, you’ll also need a furnace.

  • Understand the parts of a firework rocket

To make a real explosion, you’ll need one sheet of paper and one lump of gunpowder, as well as one gunpowder lump and one unit of dye for a firework star.

  • Sugarcane is harvested to make paper

Sugarcane is a tall, light-green plant that thrives in wet areas. To make a three-piece paper stack, you’ll need three sugarcane units.

  • Gunpowder is obtained by killing Creepers

When you come too close to a creeper, it hisses and explodes. As a result, when attacking a Creeper, you must be aggressive; if it begins hissing, back away quickly to avoid the brunt of the explosion. Creepers are mainly found at night, so you’ll have to hunt them down. Because this is a potentially dangerous situation, make sure you have sufficient healing supplies on hand (e.g., cooked food). Gunpowder does not usually fall from the sky with creepers. To get one or two lumps of gunpowder, you’ll probably need to kill multiple Creepers.

Find a source of the dye

You’ll need dye to make your fireworks have a visual effect. Colors of dye that can be found in nature include:

  • On a crafting table, gather any red flower.
  • Place any yellow flower on a craft table.
  • Collect cacti and heat them in a furnace to make them green.
  • After mining Lapis Lazuli blocks smelt Lapis Lazuli ore in a furnace. These dark-blue-flecked boulders are frequently found deep underground.
  • Find a source of heat for your furnace

Smelting dye necessitates the use of wood planks or coal in your furnace. If you’re only using red and/or yellow dye, skip this step.

How To Make Firework Rocket

Here, you’ll see the steps to make Firework Rocket. Just follow the mentioned steps and you’ll make Firework Rocket in Minecraft easily. Let’s see those steps below.

How To Make Fireworks In Minecraft

Prepare your work area

Right-click, tap (PE), or press the left trigger on the table while facing it (consoles).

Put the paper on the table where you’ll be constructing

Then, in the crafting table grid, click an empty slot. Tap the paper icon in Minecraft PE, then tap a crafting grid square. On consoles, you may skip this step.

In the crafting table, put the gunpowder

After clicking the gunpowder, go to the crafting table’s grid and click an empty slot. Tap the gunpowder symbol in Minecraft PE, then tap an empty crafting grid tile. On consoles, you may skip this step. 

In the crafting table, put your star(s)

Any empty square in the crafting grid can be used to set your firework star. If you’re making a rocket that won’t explode, you can skip this stage. On Minecraft PE, tap your star, then tap an empty tile in the crafting grid. On consoles, hold down the left or right trigger until the rocket-shaped tab on the left side of the screen appears, then press the right shoulder button twice to open the rocket section, then push right on the D-pad to pick the “Star” field, then press Y or triangle to add your star.

Get your rockets back

To move the rockets into your inventory, hold down Shift while clicking the rocket stack to the right of the crafting grid. Select your rockets in your equipment bar and then the ground in front of you to fire them. Tap your inventory after tapping the rocket stack in Minecraft PE. To make the rockets and put them in your inventory, press A or X on the console.

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How To Make Firework Star

Below we have shared the steps which you’ve to follow to make Firework Star in Minecraft. This method is easy and so simple, you can easily understand it. Let’s have a look on those steps.

How To Make Fireworks In Minecraft

Prepare your work area

Right-click (PC), tap (PE), or face the table and push the left trigger (console). The interface for the crafting table appears. Skip forward to the following section if you don’t want your fireworks to explode. Instead, turn on the furnace if you’re making green or blue dye.

In the crafting table, put your dye source

Drag the dye source (a flower, for example) into any square on the crafting table. If you’re smelting dye, place the supply on top and the fuel on the bottom. Tap the dye source first, then the crafting table in Minecraft PE. Tap the source, then the “Input” square, and finally the “Fuel” square if you’re smelting. On consoles, press A or X six times, then go to the “Dye” menu, scroll down to the dye you want, then press A or X. If you’re smelting, go with Y or triangle for the dye, then the same for the fuel source.

Get the dye

To select a dye, simply click it. Hold down the down arrow if you melted dye. Exit the furnace and access the crafting table by holding Shift and clicking the dye. Tap the dye in Minecraft PE, then tap your inventory. When you make a dye on a console, it immediately enters into your inventory. Press Y after selecting the melted dye.

Make your fireworks star

Place one lump of gunpowder in an empty square of the crafting grid, then your dye in any other empty tile. On consoles, click a trigger repeatedly to choose the firework-shaped tab on the left side of the screen, then scroll down until you locate the correct dye and hit A or X.

Get your star back (In your inventory)

You may make the firework rocket now that you have the star in your inventory.

Final Words

Now we are ending this post where we have shared everything on how to make Fireworks in Minecraft. We hope that after reading this post till the end, you have understood everything about “Fireworks in Minecraft”. You can share this post with your friends so that they can also know about it. Visit our website InsiderTricks again for more such posts.

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