How To Make Map In Minecraft [100% Working]

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Minecraft is a self-taught Swedish programmer Markus Persson’s independent computer game, which he says has over 100 million registered users. Minecraft was launched on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, and a few mobile phones, as well as PlayStation 3. “To survive in this game, you must complete a lot of repetitive tasks, and you must do a LOT of repetitive tasks if you want to create something interesting.” Keep reading till the end.

Minecraft Map

How To Make Map In Minecraft

However, Minecraft maps are different from other games. Rather than using an in-game GPS or mini-map to show you where you need to go, it alerts you where you’ve already gone. Maps taken from chests or acquired through trading are the only exceptions. You’re not alone if this seems perplexing. In the world of Minecraft, it takes a little getting used to maps, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Minecraft maps. Learn all you need to know about crafting them, including what materials you’ll need, how to construct them, and how to use them once you’ve finished.

How To Make Map In Minecraft

For its map function, Minecraft employs a unique mechanism.  Instead of a static map in your menu or a GPS mini-map in the corner of your screen, Minecraft encourages you to go old school with it.

Materials Needed to Make a Map in Minecraft

To make maps in Minecraft, you’ll need these things:

1. A piece of paper (9 Sugar Canes):

How To Make Map In Minecraft

Sugar cane is a common sight in the game, even if you’ve only recently started playing. They prefer water and can be found in a variety of biomes, including deserts and marshes, alongside lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. With a one-to-one ratio, you make paper in threes. One piece of paper equals one sugar cane However, you’ll need three sugar canes for three pieces of paper if you’re using the crafting table.

2. Compass (1 Redstone Dust + 4 Iron Ingots) :

If you don’t already have one, you’ll also need to create one. It’s time to grab a pickaxe because both iron ingots and Redstone dust are abundant near the bottom of the globe. Just make sure it’s iron or better pickaxe. Only by doing it this manner will you be able to dig Redstone for the compass.

3. To burn in the furnace, you’ll need to find a source of fuel :

A fire can be started using anything that burns: a charcoal brick, a coal block, or four wooden bricks. Coal is made from coal ore, which can be found underground (or in caves) and broken up with a pickaxe. To make charcoal, put wood and coal together in a furnace. However, for this instruction, using wood as a fuel is the least time-consuming alternative.

To craft a map, you will need to craft the below-mentioned items first :

Before we talk about How To Make Map In Minecraft, let’s first go through the crafting steps of the other essential items that we will use to make the map.

The layout of Craft Paper

  1. Fill the first box in the middle row with one piece of sugar cane.
  2. In the middlebox of the middle row, place the second piece of sugar cane.
  3. Place the last sugar cane piece in the middle row’s last box.
  4. Add the three pieces of paper to your inventory by dragging them there.
  5. Repeat steps 3–5 until you have nine sheets of paper. A map can be made with only eight pieces of paper, but the extra ninth piece can be used for something else.

Constructing Ingots

To begin, you must first smelt the four iron ore blocks into ingots.

  1. Select the furnace from the drop-down menu.
  2. Fill the bottom box with a fuel source.
  3. Wait for your iron ore to smelt in the furnace.
  4. Dragging your new iron ingots into your inventory will add them to your inventory.
  5. Continue until you’ve made four ingots.

Construct a Compass

It’s time to make a compass for your map now that you have all of the necessary components:

  1. Open the menu for the crafting table.
  2. Put the Redstone dust in the grid’s middle.
  3. Iron ingots should be used to fill in any gaps around the Redstone (above, below, left, and right)
  4. Place the new compass in your inventory by dragging and dropping it.

Steps to make map in minecraft

The steps below will produce a blank Locator Map that will eventually show your current position :

Step 1: Iron ore (top square) and fuel should be added to the furnace (bottom square).  We can use charcoal as an example of a fuel source.

Step 2: Until your iron ore or fuel runs out, or you turn off the furnace, it will continue to manufacture iron bars on its own. Drag the iron bars into your inventory to complete the task.

Step 3: Add four iron bars and a quantity of Redstone dust to the Crafting Table. By default, the Crafting Table creates a compass.

Step 4: Place the compass in your inventory to finish.

Step 5: Place three piles of three sugar sticks on the base squares while the Crafting Table is as yet open. You’ll have to drag stacks of paper into your inventory three times because each sugar cane stack produces three sheets of paper.

Step 6: While the Crafting Table is as yet dynamic, get the compass from your stock and spot it in the middle square. Place one sheet of paper in each of the remaining squares.

Step 7: To finish the cycle, drag the recently made clear Locator Guide into your stock or Hotbar.

How to make map in Minecraft

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How To Use The Map In Minecraft

So now that you have learned How to make Map in Minecraft, it’s time to know how to use the map :

Step 1: Prepare your map. To do so, go to the bottom of the screen and select it from the equipment bar. When you first make the map, it will be empty, but you can fill it by navigating around the planet while holding it. The map will not populate itself until you are going through the world while holding it as your active item.

Step 2: Open the map view. Tap and hold the screen, or press the right mouse button or the left trigger (mobile). The map should be visible. If you’re on a mobile device, you may also tap Create Map if it’s available at the bottom of the screen. It can take a few moments for the map to load the first time you use it. Your map will begin to fill in the direction you’re looking.

Step 3: While utilising the map, go for a walk. From a top-down perspective, the globe will begin to appear on your map. The initial map you make is a 1:1 representation of the world, with each pixel representing a single block of land. As you move while using the map, you’ll see that the map’s edges begin to fill up with data. Your initial map will only be completed if all of the available space has been filled. You’ll have to extend your map to see more because maps don’t scroll to reveal more space.

Step 4: Locate the indicator for your player. A white oval on the map will indicate where you are. There will be no indicator if you built your map without using a compass (only Bedrock Edition).

Final Words

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