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Today, we have shared a detailed guide on how to make paper in Minecraft. If you are looking for it on the internet and came across this post then don’t worry. Keep reading this post till the end, you will get to know everything about Paper in Minecraft. Let’s know about it below.

Paper in Minecraft

Paper is utilized in many places in Minecraft, and you can obtain it from a variety of sources while exploring the world. Using Paper, you can make a variety of items such as maps, bookcases, tables, and more. If you want to learn how to make paper in Minecraft, please read this post.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Materials Needed To Make Paper In Minecraft

  • Gather three sugarcanes
  • Set up a 3X3 crafting table

Material number 1 :

Make sure that you have a 3X3 Crafting Table

In Minecraft, a crafting table is necessary. Three rows and three columns make up this crafting table. You won’t be able to make superior things without the crafting table. So, before you begin, gather some wood and construct a fresh new 3X3 table on which we will make stuff in Minecraft.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to craft a Crafting table :

Step 1: Collect some wood

The Crafting Table is the most important tool in Minecraft, as, without it, you won’t be able to make any of the tools, blocks, or items required for complicated builds or survival. You’ll need some wood to create a crafting bench.

To gather some wood, punch a couple of trees (1 Wood makes 4 Wood Boards in your fundamental Creating Matrix, which is all you want). Just hold down the left mouse button (PC) or the Left Guard button (Xbox) while tapping the storage compartment with your finger to punch a tree (PE). You can skip on to the part on producing paper if you already own a Crafting Table.

Step 2: Take a look over your supplies

To check your inventory, click the E key (PC), X button (Xbox), or […] icon (PE). In addition to other boxes where your belongings are housed, you’ll notice a set of four vacant boxes arranged in a box configuration with an arrow pointing to a single empty box. That is your first Crafting Grid, from which you can create a variety of items. You can’t construct anything intricate with it because it just has four spaces in the grid, which is why you’ll need a Crafting Table.

Step 3: Using one of the slots, place Wood

Select it (on PC versions, by clicking on it, on Xbox versions, by scrolling to it with the RB and LB buttons, and on PE versions, by tapping it), and an item will appear on the single box. You’ll notice that for your single Wood, you got 4 Wood Planks. Feel free to convert all of your wood to planks if you have extra, but for now, 4 Wood Planks will suffice.

Step 4: Place one Wood Plank in each of the crafting grid’s four boxes

In the rightmost box, you’ll notice another item. You’ll get a Crafting Table if you take the item.

Step 5: Placing the Table

We recommend placing the Crafting Table on the ground. Right-click or use your controller’s Left Trigger button to do so. Now you can produce paper using the Crafting Table.

Material Number 2

Gather three sugarcanes

Sugarcane is a crucial component in the production of paper. Sugarcanes grow abundantly near bodies of water or rivers. At least three sugarcanes should be cut and gathered before we set them up on the making table. It is possible to chop sugarcane simply by interacting with it.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Follow these mentioned steps to make paper in Minecraft. This method is very simple and easy to follow. You can easily make paper in Minecraft by following these steps. Let’s take a look at the steps.

Step 1 : Need 3 Sugarcanes

The collection of sugar canes is similar to that of wood. Simply strike it.

Step 2:  Activate the Crafting Table

When you’ve collected enough Sugar Canes, face the table and right-click or use the X button to open the Crafting Table’s menu.

Step 3: Create some paper

Arrange three sugarcanes in a row. The slot next to the grid will release three pieces of paper.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 4: Place in Inventory

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

You’ve successfully made paper in Minecraft by placing it in your inventory for later use. At a time, this method will create three papers. You are free to make as much paper as you desire. As a result, gather more sugar cane and make more paper as needed. You can make books, maps, banners, pyrotechnics, and bookshelves out of this paper.

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Is it possible to produce paper out of bamboo Minecraft?

Bamboo was used to make paper in ancient civilizations, therefore you should be able to accomplish the same in Minecraft. However, unlike sugar cane, bamboo crafts require only one piece of paper.

What role does the paper have in Minecraft?

Here are some of the reasons we’ll need paper in Minecraft:

  • For Minecraft money, you can trade paper.
  • It’s frequently used in the creation of maps.
  • The material of books is paper.
  • The Librarians can buy paper.

Where can you get the paper?

In Minecraft, you can find many shipwrecks along the water’s edge. You can also visit sunken shipwrecks if you possess a water-breathing potion or the Turtle Shell equipment.

In Minecraft’s creative mode, where can you get paper?

In Minecraft’s Creative Mode, the position of things varies depending on the device. Paper is in the “Miscellaneous” section of Java Editions for PC and Mac. The “Items” category contains paper for Java, Bedrock, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and Edu devices.

What kinds of things can you construct out of Paper in Minecraft?

There are a few other recipes that employ paper as a crafting element in addition to the ones described above. Using paper, you can create variety of banners, cartography tables. Also, fireworks rockets can be created by using Paper.


Some of the most crucial items used by players in the game are maps and enchantment tables. To make both of these products, you’ll need paper. You can build bookshelves to add some aesthetic blocks to your Minecraft home, but you’ll need paper for the books. The paper used to make banners which is another decorative element. Paper has been a feature of Minecraft for a long time, and it can be found in both the Java and Bedrock/Windows 10 versions of the game.

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