how to report someone on discord [Step By Steps]

Hello readers, are you looking for a way to report someone on Discord? If yes then you’re at the right place. Here, we have shared a detailed guide on How to report someone on Discord in a simple way. Read this post till the end to know this properly. Let’s start reading the topic now.


How To Report Someone On Discord

Discord is a platform where you can communicate and hang out with your communities and friends over voice, text, and video. Using this platform, you can stay close to your communities and friends. People who are 13+ can install this platform on their devices without any worry. More than a million people use the Discord app on their devices to stay in touch with their close ones.

How to report someone on Discord

Discord is really one of the best platforms to stay connected with your friends and communities. You can interact with them via voice and text chat. However, there are some situations when a user says something in the chat which violates the guidelines. At that point, you can report that chat message to Discord so that any action can be taken against that user.

It is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Well, you don’t have to worry about that because here we have shared the method by which you can report anyone on Discord.

Check if the message violates Discord’s guidelines

Before you report someone to Discord, you should know if their chat is actually in violation of Discord’s Community Guidelines. Because if their chat doesn’t violate their Community Guidelines then you can’t report it to Discord. Check Discord’s Community Guidelines HERE.

If chat messages don’t violate Discord’s Community Guidelines, you shouldn’t report them to Discord. Also, you can try to talk to the channel members about their conduct. By the way, if you are the owner of the Discord server or you are the moderator of the server then directly kick them or get them banned. You can even mute a user or block them so that you can no longer view their content while using Discord in the future.

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How to report someone On Discord using iOS device

Reporting someone on Discord is actually an easier thing to do from an iOS device than it is to do it on a PC. Let’s see how you can report someone on Discord using iOS device.

If you’re using an iOS device and want to report someone on Discord, just use your finger to press down, hold the message which you want to report, and tap on the Report button. Reporting from an iOS device doesn’t require any reasoning or ID codes. Discord’s support team announced that it is looking into these reports along with all others.

Report Someone On Discord

If there is any urgency and you want fast action from Discord then just send an email to [email protected]. In the mail, you’ve to type all the details of the situation which you want to report and click on the Send button. That’s it. Also, you should add the link of the message with your email.

How to report someone to Discord on PC

On PC, you can’t click the “Report” button to report something on Discord. Here, you’ll need to find some ID codes that will be used by the team at Discord to check for infringing messages. Follow these mentioned steps to report someone on Discord.

  • Firstly you’ll click on the Gear icon which you can see next to your name.
  • In the next step, click on the Appearance tab.
  • You have to go to the Advanced section, for that scroll down the page. You’ll see a toggle labeled Developer Mode. Turn that toggle on.
How To Report Someone On Discord
  • Now you’ll get the three different ID codes. This can be done by clicking the user’s name in the message in question.
  • Just click on Select “Copy ID” and the ID will be copied to your clipboard.

Note: You can paste the User ID somewhere and label it as User ID or anything you like. So that even if that discord user changes their username, the user ID will remain the same.

How To Report Someone On Discord
  • The next step is to simply right click on the message and click on Copy ID. And now you will get the ID number of the channel and message. Paste this ID number somewhere and label it “Message ID” or similar.
How to report someone on Discord
  • Now you’ll go to the server icon and right click on the icon. You can find this icon on the left side of your screen.
  • Next step, choose Copy ID and do the same as you did above.
  • You can label it as “Server ID” or something similar so that you can easily understand what ID it is.
  • Now you’ve to send your Report.

With this last step, you’ll send your report successfully to Discord via its Trust & Safety request center. Enter your correct email address, select your report based on the option in the drop-down box that most closely applies to your situation, enter a subject, and then you’ve to describe the full incident. After this, you’ll enter all three ID codes which you copied before in the Description box.

You can also send screenshots of the messages to Discord from the Attachments section of the form. The report will be sent to Discord, and the rest will be handled by Discord.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed this article and now you understand how to report someone on Discord in just a few steps. Also, before reporting them to Discord, make sure that they violate their Community Guidelines. Share this post with your friends so that they can also understand it. Visit our website again for more such posts.

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