How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft – Step By Step

Foxes are one of the newest mobs to enter Minecraft, and their fuzzy tails and adorable daytime naps have already piqued the interest of many gamers. Foxes have been present in the Java Edition of Minecraft for some time, but with the current beta, they’ve made the transition to the Bedrock Edition, which means it’s time to review what they do and how you may become best friends with them. Below, you’ll know about Fox In Minecraft and How to tame a Fox in Minecraft. Keep reading.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

How do foxes reproduce?

In Minecraft, there are two separate varieties of foxes that spawn in various biomes. Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga biomes spawn red foxes, while Snowy Taiga biomes spawn white foxes. When Minecraft 1.18 (with terrain improvements and Dripstone) is out later this year, this shouldn’t change. Foxes mate in pairs or groups of two to four, and there’s a 5% chance of witnessing a cute newborn fox! Foxes, on the other hand, are nocturnal creatures that only reproduce at night, so be ready to defend yourself. They’re also very wary, so sneak around them and bring plenty of their favourite foods: delicious berries.

How to Capture a Fox?

You’ll want to make sure a fox is confined somewhere before you try to tame it. Fortunately, because foxes are nocturnal, they sleep during the day. You’ll have to sneak up on them, exactly like taming a cat. When you’re near two foxes, make a two-block high wall around them.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft
  1.  Locate two adult foxes to begin.
  2. Foxes enjoy biomes such as the taiga, large tree taiga, and snowy taiga. Look for a white-colored fox in the snowy taiga biomes, where the renowned “snow fox” can be found, if you want to tame one.
  3. By default, foxes will flee if approached too rapidly, so take care not to startle them.
  4. Simply give two adult foxes a delicious berry apiece when you’ve located them; this will cause them to start breeding. You can feed a fox by just interacting with it while carrying a tasty berry.
  5. If you follow the steps once the foxes have finished reproducing, a baby fox will spawn, and this newly spawned baby fox will develop into a loyal and tamed companion.
  6. For the new newborn fox to grow up into a healthy adult fox who completely trusts you, you must effectively “kidnap” it from its parents.
  7. A lead is the simplest way to accomplish this. Simply engage with the baby fox while holding the lead and walking away from the two-parent foxes. The fox will ultimately grow to trust you after staying by your side on the lead for a long. When this occurs, the fox will attack mobs that try to harm you.
  8. You can consider your new companion tamed and remove its leaders if you’ve established that it likes you enough to fight for you.

We hope, now you know How to tame a fox in Minecraft. We have tried to explain all the things here. Keep reading to know more.

How to get a loyal fox in Minecraft?

How to get a loyal fox in Minecraft

Baby foxes born from the crossbreeding of two adult wild foxes will always be loyal to you and will attack enemies who harm you. Keep in mind that while they’re in baby form, they’ll still follow their parents, and if they manage to flee, the baby will accompany them. To hasten the growth of the infant fox, feed it plenty of tasty berries.

What is the location of a fox in Minecraft?

Foxes are a little more difficult to discover in Minecraft than some of the more popular beasties, especially because they are nocturnal: look for them in the Taiga biomes. Normal, snowy, and big tree Taigas are the coldest forests found on the Earth.

Minecraft foxes and their antics ( how they behave )

Untamed foxes in Minecraft will do everything they can to avoid you, which is why creeping upon them by crouching/sneaking is so important during the breeding process. After being tamed, though, foxes behave similarly to tamed wolves in that they will assist you in fighting off hostile gangs and defend you until their last breath. Foxes can also be given swords to carry in their mouths to increase the potency of their strikes. Simply interact with your fox while holding the sword to give it one.

How to train a fox in Minecraft Bedrock?

Since the beta release of Minecraft, foxes have been present in the Bedrock Edition, and they behave identically to their Java Edition counterparts. You must use the same techniques to tame them if you have the Bedrock edition. To train a fox in Minecraft Bedrock, use the procedures given above.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft’s Creative Mode?

Minecraft’s Creative Mode gives players access to all blocks, allows them to fly, and disables death and mobs. This makes taming foxes easier because you don’t have to scavenge or make sweet berries and leads.

Will tamed foxes flee in Minecraft?

A domesticated fox will not flee if you approach it. Like a tamed wolf, you can have your tamed fox stay in one area. Whenever you connect with the fox while grasping nothing, it will stay in its present stance until you instruct it in any case.

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What can a Fox do in Minecraft?

Breeding foxes contributes to the milestones of ‘The Parrots and the Bats’ and ‘Two by Two,’ in addition to being charming pets. Feathers, leather, wheat, eggs, rabbit hides, rabbit feet, and emeralds are just a few of the items they could drop. These materials can, however, be obtained from more reliable and handy sources.

Final words

Since you know how to tame a fox in Minecraft, all you need to do now is investigate your picked biomes and gather a couple of steadfast pets. Arm yourself with Sweet Berries, tolerance, and supplies to lead some late-night surveillance until you find these fluffy, prospective sidekicks. A domesticated fox behaves similarly to a tamed wolf, with a few important distinctions. Foxes may find and keep stuff in the wild. Any food item can be thrown in front of the fox’s holding item and it will be taken. Keep in mind that the fox will eventually eat edible items.

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