How To Track Textnow Number For Free [Full Guide]

Have you been wanting to know How to track a Textnow phone number? If so, this article is for you. Here, we have shared the working ways to trace a Textnow app number.

It is a common desire to figure out who owns someone’s number or to trace a number, and if this is your desire, please know that you cannot trace the number directly on Textnow. Currently, Textnow does not allow this.

Textnow is a service that people can use to make free calls and send messages across countries like India, New Zealand, Australia, and many more. Getting their SIM cards will allow you to make calls if you are from these countries and do not have internet access.

The data protection provided by TextNow between two users is superb, and only the recipient is able to access the information. It will be easy for you to trace a TextNow number for free if you follow the instructions in this article.

What is Textnow?

What is textnow

The TextNow app for iOS and Android is a fantastic Voice over Internet Protocol service. Calls and messages can be sent and received for free by using this service. A TextNow number is all that is needed to use the service. There is no charge for video calls or text messages to TextNow numbers.

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A US phone number is also provided free of charge to users for use with their contacts. With TextNow, you can choose from various plans, including monthly, yearly, and pay-per-use.

How does TextNow work?

A phone number is assigned to you when you sign up for TextNow. Using this number, you can send and receive texts, calls, and multimedia messages to other TextNow users or to any other number in a few countries. The TextNow app also allows you to make low-cost international calls. Using the app, you can also earn free credits, which can be used for calls and text messages.

Can you trace a TextNow app number?

Most people believe that virtual numbers like TextNow are completely anonymous and cannot be tracked. Actually, this is not correct. You cannot trace TextNow numbers directly from the TextNow app, you have to try some unique methods to trace TextNow phone numbers. Below we have shared some methods that you can follow and track the number just like any other phone number.

How to Trace a TextNow Number

These are the top three methods to track any TextNow number. You will see those methods below. Let’s start.

  • TrueCaller
  • SpyForMe
  • Creating a new account
How To Track Textnow Number For Free

1. Truecaller

TrueCaller is an app that you can use on your android and iOS device. Using TrueCaller, you can easily identify and block incoming calls from unknown numbers. The database of TrueCaller has more than two billion contact numbers, TrueCaller can quickly identify who is calling, even if it is a hidden number. The app can also be used to block numbers, filter and manage contacts, search for numbers, and even read text messages.

Users can use TrueCaller’s tool to track and identify TextNow phone numbers as well as other mobile numbers, in just a few taps. The app offers a comprehensive database of mobile numbers from all over the world, allowing users to easily identify and track TextNow numbers. Users can also access additional information about the phone number, such as the location, network provider, and even the name of the person associated with the number.

Overall, TrueCaller is a great app for tracking TextNow numbers. It provides an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive database, allowing users to quickly identify and track TextNow numbers.

2. SpyForMe

Tracking a TextNow number using SpyForMe is a great and easy way. SpyForMe is a powerful online tracking tool that allows users to track any TextNow number in real-time. It provides a comprehensive list of information about the number, including its location, activity, and owner information.

One of the most useful features of SpyForMe is its ability to track the location of a TextNow number. Furthermore, SpyForMe can track the activity of the number very smoothly. All of this information is available in real-time, allowing users to keep an eye on the person without having to physically be present.  Overall, SpyForMe is an invaluable tool for tracking a TextNow number.

3. Create a new TextNow account

If you’re looking to trace the number of somebody who’s sending you anonymous text messages, you can create another TextNow account. It’s a great way to approach the situation from their point of view.

This process will take time and is not as easy as the above-shared methods. You have to build a good relationship and trust with the owner of the number and once you gain their trust you can easily ask about their identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you want to ask us some questions regarding this topic. But don’t worry, we have shared some of the frequently asked questions with answers below. You can read them and still if you want to ask anything then comment on your queries.

Q: Can I trace the TextNow number’s location?

A: Yes, you can trace the TextNow phone number’s location using our given methods. Just follow the given methods in this article and then you’ll be able to track any TextNow number location.

Q: Do I need a SIM Card to use TextNow?

A: Nope, you don’t need any SIM Card to use TextNow service. SIM cards are already there to use for calling and texting any phone number or TextNow number. Even, you can use Textnow service if you don’t have a Wifi connection or any mobile data connection.

Q: Can you use TextNow as a phone number?

A: Yes, you can use the TextNow number as your own phone number.

Q: Do I need VPN to use TextNow?

A: No, you do not need a VPN to use TextNow. TextNow is an app that allows you to make calls and send messages over the internet without needing a VPN.

Final words:

We hope you found this article on How to track a TextNow number helpful. We’ve tried to share all the methods in an easy way so you can easily understand. You can share this post with your friends who should read this. Also, if you want to ask anything from us then feel free to comment below. Visit our website again for more such posts.

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