How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android Phone

We will discuss how to restore applications that were deleted/uninstalled from an Android phone. If this is something you are looking to do, then you should read this entire article. Here, you will be able to learn How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android Phones without any difficulty. Let’s get started.

Using Google Play Store, the recovery of an app that has been either knowingly or unknowingly deleted from an Android phone will be easy.

How To Recover Uninstalled/Deleted Apps On Android Phone

How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android Phone

Recovering deleted or uninstalled apps on your Android device can be easily done by using the Google Play Store to reinstall them. We have provided the method below. However, if you have used a third-party app store to install apps onto your device, it may not be possible to recover those deleted apps.

Now let’s see the method to recover deleted apps on Android devices using the Google Play store. Follow the steps properly and you can easily recover deleted apps on your device.

1st Step: Open Google Play Store

  • Firstly, you’ve to open the Google Play Store app on your Android device to restore deleted apps.
  • Once the Google Play store app is opened on your screen then you need to tap on your profile icon. You can find the Profile icon in the top-right corner of your phone.
  • It’s important that the email address you use to download apps on your device is the same one associated with the Play Store.

2nd Step: Tap Manage Apps & Devices

  • Now you’ll see a menu on your screen, tap on the “Manage apps & devices” option. And then you’ll see the “Overview” and “Manage” options under “Manage apps & devices”. Tap on the “Manage” option.

3rd Step: Select Not Installed

  • After tapping on the Manage option, 3 options will appear on your screen. These are the three options: Installed, Update available, and Games.
  • You have to click on “Installed,” and then you will see the “Not installed” option on your screen. Click on it and you will be able to view a list of apps that you have uninstalled/deleted recently on your Android device using that email address.

4th Step: Download The App

  • Now you can select the app which you want to download and install the application on your device without any worries.

For reinstalling multiple apps, there are checkboxes next to each app on the list. Tap on the squares to select the apps you want to reinstall; the boxes will turn green and be marked with a checkmark when selected. Once you have selected all the apps, click the downwards arrow icon at the top right of the screen to start reinstalling them.

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Note: You should know that if the app has been removed from the Google Play store then you will not be able to find the app in the list. You will have to find the app on your own and install the app from a third-party app store.

How to reinstall deleted apps on your iPhone?

iOS users have more options when it comes to recovering deleted apps than Android users. A popular technique is to erase all the data and reset your iPhone until you get to the Apps & Data screen, where you can select Restore from iCloud Backup. That’s it, now you’ll get back your every app.

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